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Reds and Greens stocks freshly butchered beef, ram, goat, fish, with a price that suits your budget.

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Making delicious steak or any other recipe we provide best veal entrecote meat.


Making (T-bone, porterhouse) steaks, BBQ Rub we provide it broadway.

Grilling & Smoking

We provide beef ribs on our own farms. If it is difficult due to hard demand.


Making (T-bone, porterhouse) steaks, BBQ Rub we provide it broadway.


Making (T-bone, porterhouse) steaks, BBQ.


Making (T-bone, porterhouse) steaks, BBQ Rub we provide it broadway.

About Us

About Reds and Greens

Reds and Greens butchery was established in 2016. Starting as a wholesale butchery supplying fresh meat to key business accounts. Ie. Schools, catering outfits, restaurants and supermarkets.

Our flagship retail store opened in June 2016, a welcoming ambience with courteous professional services. People walk into our shop as customers and leave as friends. We also strive to provide convenience with store -to – customer relationships by offering shop- to- door delivery services within Lagos metropolis. You can discuss your product needs with us so we can cater to them as desired. We may be a wholesale butchers shop but our services are personal.

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